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Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe Review


Technologically everything has become brilliant and accessible. Every device comes with utmost safety and security in which it is not possible to do any harm to the device without any authorised access. The security systems in houses, offices and banks are being updated to lessen crime activities. Technologically sound devices are coming in the market, and the consumers want the best out of it at a reasonable price.

Biometric Safe before some years were operated manually with care. But now the era has changed. Everything has become so practical and with less error. Lessening error in the technical devices is the most important criteria used when these devices are created. Biometric Safe has developed enormously in technology and security. The company Viking Security Safe has come up with the right solution for the Biometric Safe that has several external features created entirely to match your requirements and is just very sound in technology and safety.

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

The Biometric Safe by Viking Security Safe has several additional and useful features inside it, which makes it an excellent device for use. It has a Battery Indicator, Optical Sensor, LCD Display and also a protection device. There are so many features in a single Safe that makes it more accountable and useful.


When you are buying a Biometric Safe of a particular, you need to make sure that the device that you are purchasing must be durable and robust enough to handle your belongings. It must be trustworthy and reliable. It should be such that it is utilised for a more extended period without any repairing requirements. The most important point is it should be defect-free. Some of the key features of the Biometric Safe by Viking Security Safe is given below in a pointwise manner:


The Biometric Safe is made up of solid single-piece steel. The steel technology gives the Safe a reliable and robust structure. Nobody can easily mislead the Safe or tamper with it. It is impossible to open the Safe if you don't have authorised access. It has robust and very tightly sealed. There are two 20 mm Solid steel locking bars that are allowed inside of two insertion slots in the Safe. Steel Technology is resistive in all conditions.


So many components are present in a single Biometric Safe. A large number of technologies are embedded in the system with the latest developments. There is a Fingerprint system in the Safe by which you can unlock it in less time and in a secure way. There is a Pin Code system by which you can open the Safe similar to the fingerprint technique in no time. Both methods are feasible and secured.


There are several extra components which are generally not found in other devices by other companies. Viking Security Safe takes care of these matters and provides you with the latest technology. A 500 DPI Optical Sensor is present. There is even a motorised Deadbolt Locking System which is 20 mm. The door of the Safe is 5 mm. There is also a facility which comprises of 2 pry-resistant insertion slots. There are also 4 Cross Keys which are present for back up uses.


This Safe can be in use anywhere and everywhere. It can be in use at homes for your personal uses, which will help you to access your essential belongings in less time. The Biometric Safe can also be used in offices when it requires more protection for its necessary documents or money.


You have the provision in the Biometric Safe to scan and save up to 32 Fingerprints when a lot of people are using the Safe. A single Pin Code system is also present. The Biometric Safe is even straightforward to set up, and it can fit anywhere perfectly. It can be placed anywhere, whether it is your home or your office. This quality of the Safe shows its versatility in nature. It has such a perfect size that can be adjusted anywhere.

6.Other FACTORS:

The interior of the Safe is fully carpeted. The Biometric Safe also consists of a LED Light that is built inside it. There is even an adjustable shelf which can accommodate a lot of things. Safe has a perfect size, and it can help so many things. There is an ON/OFF Sound system and a Warning Beep system is also present if, by chance, the door of the Safe is left unlocked.


The specifications of Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe are mentioned below and everything that a customer should know before buying the product.

Part Number: VS-25BL

Product Measurements: 10*14*10 inches

ITEM WEIGHT: 27 Pounds

Item Model number: VS-25BL

Colour: black

Item Package Quantity: 1

Size: Small

Batteries included? No

Batteries Required: yes

Shipping weight: 28.4 pounds


A large number of benefits have been included in a single Biometric Safe. These are the attractions for which customers buy products of this brand. You can expect several advantages and some of them are discussed below for the better understanding of the customers:


Several extra factors enhance the Biometric Safe in terms of safety as well as the speed of access. A battery indicator is present in the Safe which alerts you about the charge current in it. There is even provision to set up a 4-9 digits Pin Code for which a Keypad is present. The LCD indicator has the work to show all the functions. There is a Sensor system through which the Safe can be unlocked in some fraction of seconds. The Sensor system helps you to access the Safe in very less time, and that's the benefit of the latest technology. Methods are also involved in the Safe by which any false entry in the fingerprint can be easily detected. Safe is very safer and can quickly identify wrong entrants.


The Safe is made in such technology that it remains resistant from a number of conditions. The Welding Technology that is in use in the Safe helps it in making scratch resistant and gives it an excellent finishing touch. There is even use of the LASER CUT Manufacturing technology, which helps in preventing significant gaps, which is another crucial advantage for the Biometric Safe.


The Biometric Safe by Viking Security Safe gives you so many options in such a reasonable price, which becomes its most significant factor for its attraction. Biometric Safe can work in two ways. It can work in both Silent as well as a Sound mode, which is ultimately the choice of the consumers. But if by chance the Safe is left unlocked then there is a Warning Beep to make you alert regarding the locking of the Safe. The LED Indicator is another vibrant option, and it makes the use of the Safe even more convenient.

An additional benefit of 2 AA batteries is also included for the uninterrupted continuation of the entire system although 4 AA batteries are already included in the kit.


The Biometric Safe is built in such a way and with so much convenience that it gets fitted anywhere and everywhere. It gives you the maximum flexibility, especially for the mounting. By this, you have a good advantage when you make the Safe personal, and you can keep all your essential belongings in a single place. There is even flexibility for the number of times you make wrong pin codes or fingerprint attempts. If you make five incorrect PINS, then there is an alert of time out period, and similar is the case with the number of wrong fingerprint attempts. When you make ten incorrect fingerprint attempts, then the time out warning comes.

The weight of the Biometric Safe is 27 lbs.


Although there are several points when it comes to investment, there are some striking points which attract the consumers, and some of the good points about the Biometric Safe are discussed below in a detailed way:


When it comes to the price of the Biometric Safe by Viking security safe, then it is very cheap. The price is just unmatched with the other products by other companies that compete in the market. So you get a very secured Safe at a very affordable price, which is a massive advantage for the consumers who want to buy this product.


The welding technique used in the construction of this Biometric Safe is unique. The company assures you a stronger Safe. It is impossible to break the Safe or mishandle it. Without proper Pin code or registered fingerprint, it is not possible to unlock the Safe. Seamless welding technology makes the Safe even more durable and long-lasting. It does not require any repairing or maintenance. The Safe is yet very light in weight and can be easily carried.


The advantage of this Biometric Safe is if the batteries that are given die out then also there is a back-up plan and it is a proper solution for the uninterrupted use of the SAFE. There are keys provided for this problem.


The consumers who are already using this particular product like the latest technologies and methods used in the Safe. The users have appreciated the LED Indicator as it helps in making the things more visible. The False entrant protection system ensures more safety and absolute security of your essential belongings in the Safe. Several choices are given for access to the Safe. The Fingerprint technique and the Pin Code attempts are the choices given to the consumers. This method guarantees you excellent safety of your valuable things in the Safe. The Safe is made in such a way that it accommodates several items. A lot of space is present, and there is even an adjustable shelf. You can keep all your essential valuables in a single storage box with the highest safety. The back-up system is highly visible. The Biometric Safe is very light in weight by which it becomes easy to mount or keep anywhere. The Safe can be installed anywhere, and it gets well accommodated everywhere. An essential and rare aspect of this Biometric Safe is that it has a motorised mechanism, which is a good up-gradation when we compare with the other companies out there. Nobody gives so much importance on the designing mechanism during the construction of a Biometric Safe. For all these functional involvements in the development of this Biometric Safe, consumers love this product. It is a reliable product and is something you can trust. Such a large number of Fingerprint attempts is a significant advantage for consumers.

The Safe is resistant from all conditions, and the Welding technique secures the frame of the Safe. In this massive scheduled life where it seems not possible for the consumers to take tension about the essential things this Biometric Safe by Viking security safe is a saviour and looks after the safety of your essential valuables. The users recommend this Safe to other consumers and have claimed this product as a must-try product.


The brand has a name in the market, and its name is enough to test its efficiency. The company has been producing good products with the best technology and that too at a very reasonable price. The company has been working seriously on technological improvements of the Biometric Safe to deliver a safer and secured product. The commitment towards providing good products to the customers is the priority of the company.

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