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Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection Review


Keeping our daily usage kinds of stuff in a safe box-like smartphone, money holdings, wallets, relevant documents, reports are way more different than following the firearms in a secure box. It needs more precautions, more safety features, more sensors and also more artificial intelligence. In our society usually, the cops or the military persons are keeping firearms like assault rifles and handguns etc. in their residences. Except for them, some reputed business persons are also guns in their homes. So it's their prior responsibility that they should avoid the misuse of those firearms. Those weapons are very dangerous for keeping them openly inside our home or anywhere. They may cause severe fatalities by improper storage and misuse. In order to keep them in a safer place here, we are offering you our latest technology, the Steelwater gun safes. This safe box is highly tested in laboratories and can withstand many serious invasions that may cause this both indoor and outdoor.

This safe box is a quite feature-rich locker that comes extra remarkable security functionalities. This safe box is too much sturdy and strong that no one can easily get access to it. This safe box is fire resistance for about 1 hour, that means it can help to avoid any damage to the weapon that may cause during fire invasions.

How do you know that the lock is open or not? Well, we are providing interior LED lightings in this, that will make sure about the locking and unlocking of the box. The LED light will turn on once the lock is open and the light will automatically turn off after locking it again.

The locking bolts are also too strong and durable that will break easily after getting hit by someone intentionally. This safe box has improved 1.5 solid steel bolts, that will give some extra level of protection.

This safe box is fire proof for 60 minutes and can be sustained up to a temperature of around 1875F. Indeed that is a significant number, to be honest.

It has a maximum of 20 long gun capacity so that you do not have to get worried about all your guns. You need not buy an extra box to keep your guns safely. This one box can afford all your guns easily. For domestic usage, one safe box can be more than enough. For organizational usage also, it will be beneficial for storing the guns accordingly.

Product description:

It comes with the new Automatic Interior LED Lighting that will help the user to know whether the safe is locked or unlocked.

It has Improved and new 1.5 Solid Steel locking bolts that will give it extra strength against any attacks.

This lock box has improved 60 minutes of fire proofing at about 1875F, that means you will get enough time to put out the fire and to avoid damage to the guns.

You can keep a maximum of 20 long guns inside this safe box. This large capacity gives the user a reason to look forward to this. Its average capacity is about 12 to 16 long guns.

This safe box is fully tested and had passed all the security majors. It exceeds the California Department of Justice regulatory standards for the residential security containers.

12 Gauge steel construction

It is compositely constructed four numbers of 3/4 thick door that includes two layers of fireboards.

Its door opening height is 53 1/4, and the width is 22.

It has Layered double fireboards in the walls, floor, ceiling, and at the door jams.

Total ten numbers of 1.5 diameter solid steel locking bolts are provided, seven chrome-plated existing bolts are also there with an additional three inactive spare pins on the hinge part for a total four-sided bolt coverage. This set up of pins makes this locker one ultimate safe box.

It also comes with a gear driven lock and bolt system for extra added strength against punching and drill attacks.

Drill/Ballistic resistant hard plate that is 8x's more substantial and protects the digital lock, re-locker, gear drive and linkages.

It has Internal spring loaded relocking bolt to save the safe if in case the lock is punched out during any burglary attack.

Semi-gloss textured powder coat black finish with silver pin striping and polished chrome tri-spoke handle.

Heat activated expandable door seal that is designed to seal out smoke and water and expands up to 8 times its thickness in the event of a fire

1 Pre-drilled diameter holes have to me made for the installation of a dehumidifier. This is important to mention that this hole is drilled only through the steel, which is located at the back of the safe.

4 Pre-drilled diameter anchor holes that have been attached with steel plate for more security purpose if the safe is bolted down.

It has a fully upholstered grey coloured interior that holds a two-section gun rack that has a maximum storage capacity of 10 long guns within each section, and that also includes four adjustable or removable shelves for extra storage options.

1 Full-length shelf - Width: 25 and Depth: 9 3/4

Small shelves - Width: 12 and Depth: 9 3/4 (These shelves can only be used in the right section of the gun rack)

This Includes a free dry pack of silica rechargeable dehumidifying box during purchase.

New Features:

  • Locking Bolts Gun Safe:

It has 25% longer locking bolts and now with total 10 Bolts covering all the adjacent sides.

Longer bolts maximize the pry resistance to ensure that your valuables stay safe and secure.

Ten solid steel locking bolts parallelly secure all the four sides eliminating any permeable areas from burglary attack even in the case of removing the given hinges.

  • LED Interior Lighting:

Automatic Interior LED Lighting

Its fully integrated LED interior lighting will automatically turn on when the lock is opened and will turn off once the door is closed correctly. This feature will be very much helpful when there are lesser lights. This allows visibility in relatively low light situations.

  • Keypad:

It comes with EMP-proof digital keyboard with one double-bitted high-security additional bypass key.

It also has EMP-proof digital keypad with two re-programmable 3 to 8 digit user codes, that will be customizable by the user

  • Door Organizer Included:

Our Logo embroidered door organizer is now included. A heavy-duty metal is used for the durability but designed with a soft interior to protect all your valuables from any damage.

Key Specifications

  • Gun Capacity:

Maximum Long Gun Capacity: 20 (10/10)

Average Recommended Long Gun Capacity: 12-16

  • Construction:

12 Gauge steel constructed body Composite constructed 5 thick door that includes a total of (2) layers of fireboard

  • Dimensions and Weight:

(Height x Width x Depth)

Outside Dimensions are - 59 height x 28 width x 18 depth (Added with 3 for the handle)

Interior Dimensions are - 55 3/4 height x 25 1/4 width x 14 5/8 depth

Usable Interior Dimensions are - 55 3/4 height x 25 1/4 width x 12 5/8 depth

Weight: 453 lbs.

  • Fire Protection:

1 Hour of fire protection at 1875F

This safe box exceeds the California Department of Justice regulatory standards for residential security aspects.

  • Re-Locking Device:

Two internal re lockers are provided to keep the safe more secure if in case the lock is punched or attacked.

  • Interior Automatic LED Lighting:

Internal LED lighting automatically comes on when the door is opened and shuts off automatically when the door is closed.

  • Fully Carpeted:

It has an adjustable carpeted interior that prevents your guns and other valuables from getting damaged.

  • Heat Activated Door Seal:

In the event of a fire, the fire seal will expand to keep heat and smoke out.

  • 60Minute Fireproof:

It is fireproof for 60 minutes with exterior temperature rise to 1875 degrees.

  • Double Steel Reinforced Top Shelf:

2 Steel u shaped plates, and steel shelving clips are provided to prevent the shelf from breaking or sagging.

  • Reinforced Bolt Down Holes:

1/4 Inch steel plates in all four bottom corners are given for added security when it gets bolted down.

Features & details:

This safe box has all new and advanced automatic LED Interior Lighting that will notify the user whether the lock is open or not and that feature also helps the user to see in low light situations.

60 Minutes of fire resistance at about 1875F

This safe box is EMP Proof

This box can carry up to maximum 20 Long Guns, and its average capacity is 12 to 16 Long Guns.

Its EMP proof electronic lock system that comes with High security two-sided bypass key-lock will help you practice never to be locked out of your locker. One key is included.

1/4 inch steel reinforced bolt down holes to increase the safe removal from the home.

8X the drill resistant powered hard plates are given to prevent drilling in 8x more area than our other competitors.

Outside Dimensions are

Height- 59"

Width- 28"

Depth- 18."

Weight- 453 lbs

It also has a gear drive system to maximize the security against burglar attacks, punch attacks, and heavy drill attacks.

Solid overview:

This safe box can easily get fitted at any corner of your home. It doesn't take more space. Its dimensions are 18 x 28 x 59 inches of height, width and depth respectively. Being made from high-quality material and to deliver superior security service it weighs around 425 pounds. The extra added weight is only to protect this safe box against any attacks.

Colours and finishes:

This safe box is not only able to provide great security but also it adds an elegant look to your home. It comes in classic black colour. The interior of this safe box is crafted with the finest kind of velvet coating not to cause any damage to the guns and other valuables. The outer part of the locker comes with burst metal finish. It has a matte type finish to it, that means no scratches will have occurred on its body surface. After all, being a security service provider, it does an excellent job when it comes to aesthetic perspective.

Warranty and pricings:

You will not have to get worried about the price of this product. We have kept this product affordable so that anyone can buy this locker without making their wallet lighter. Such great features with a reasonable price make this safe box an ultimate buy for gun lovers and security agents.

When it comes to the warranty department, we never step back in giving proper after-sale services to our valuable customers. We are assuring you that if any technical issue will occur to your unit without any saying come to us, and we will help you out. There is a lifetime warranty on the fire-damaged products. So sit back and get your hands on this deal, you are not going to regret this buy.

The bottom line:

Before an ending note, we would like to remind you of all the features of this safe box and request you once look after the price to performance ratio of this product. You will see a definite fall in love with this product. At this price bracket, we are providing you with the ultimate strength and fire protection, which must be one reason that you should crack this deal with any impediment.

Do you want to keep your guns safe? Do you want your arms to work correctly for a more extended period? Then grab this outstanding safe box which will give your valuables maximum possible protection against fire, water and specks of dust. So without doing any further delay tap on the buying option, and you will be treated with one of the most robust safe boxes at your doorstep. Its unmatchable performance and reasonable price are making this safe box one perfect buyer for your home. So no more stress, no more exertion. Handover your valuables to us and we will take care of them.

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