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SentrySafe-Water-Extra-Digital-SFW123ES Review


Invest in a foolproof safe strong enough to protect those critical documents, valuables, and money. Though it is not very big at 1.23 cubic feet, small is pretty with rather spacious interiors. The most precious things are tiny, aren’t they? Are you thinking of diamonds and metals? Where are you going to put the steel SentrySafe sfw123es?

Though rather heavy, don’t forget that SentrySafe can be carried away. Nobody wants that to happen. Scout around for a safe place in the interior of the home or the office. Make sure that nobody is watching when it is installed. Keep it all a secret, information gathering, the purchase, and the installation. Don’t tell even the family or office staff. Keep quiet about it. That is the way to protect precious things. SentrySafe sfw123es does an excellent job in utter secrecy.

Design and configuration matter and how impressive! You know that it is best as soon as you see it. A heavy-duty steel embrace is what the documents and jewelry need. They will get it.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES, SentrySafe INC, SFW123ES

A good, strong water and fireproof steel box!

Banks hire out lockers for safe keeping. Companies maintain lockers for the staff. Storage spaces get rented out by private parties. While everybody has these, don’t you need one personally, perhaps installed in the house or the office? Imagine running to the bank or the company every time something is needed! The bank and the workplace may be located many miles away.

No, no. Such a robust, safe storage facility is required within arm’s reach, reached in a moment of urgent stress. Though it may not be as mighty in comparison to the bank and workplace lockers, it is beneficial. Well, SentrySafe sfw123es is very strong and can protect against water and fire too.

While cupboards of wood or steel are conventional with the locking and the locker facility in every home, here is something much more. You need such an intimate arena to store those prized little personal possessions.

What would you store in this fabulous container?
Every product has its limitations, and the fire and water protection is subject to certain conditions. However, those are exceptional calamities that do not happen all the time. The weather, too, is quite fickle, but that does not prevent the round of regular daily activities. Life should generally continue with safeguards taken against anything going wrong. Preventives, shall we call them? That is why the armed forces are maintained. Security gadgets and staff at each building do precisely that.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES, SentrySafe INC, SFW123ES

No end to the documents and valuables that could be stored
Among the several safe and confidential spaces in the home or office, set up a super strong private zone. Kids and workers will not mess around here and perhaps should not even know. A little part of ourselves needs to be shielded from the world. Maybe the spouse and a single senior colleague could know.

Consider the number of documents, and it is mind-blowing. Isn’t it hard to believe that a single person could possess such a large number of testimonials of many sizes? Just like gadgets, documents are getting smaller and help to save space. The more compact, the better. Will it be licenses and insurances, policies and deeds, tenders, and court documents? The most important documents required need to be stored close at hand for immediate retrieval, according to need.

Over the years, while living out life’s dramatic rise and fall, jewelry accumulates! Rich in feelings, they deserve a place close to the heart. SentrySafe sfw123es is quite jewel-like too, and you will love it from day one. Just like all the documents will not gather here, neither does all the jewelry. Rings and bangles, bracelets and necklaces, watches too that are occasionally worn for formal parties now have a safe niche.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES, SentrySafe INC, SFW123ES

A variety of digital gadgets and keys
Smartphones and tablets, fitness trackers, and several vital bunches will undoubtedly require a big room! Sensitively private DVDs and CDs along with thumb drives may require secrecy. Prying eyes and interfering minds need to be restricted to guard privacy. Get organized like using a file and collecting documents for safekeeping. No wonder such a mighty variety of hard copy files in offices matter on a global scale. Similarly, SentrySafe sfw123es becomes the reliable manager of documents and valuables, digital media and money, for individuals or the family.

Preserve documents and valuables safe from fire, water, and theft
At 85.2 pounds weight, lifting SentrySafe sfw123es with the intention of stealing is difficult. A weightlifter might achieve it. Further, it is meant to be put in a safe place away from the public eye, maybe in the bedroom corner. Why not place it in the attic that has restricted entry? Avoid exposed areas that may be visible through the window from the street or garden. In terms of security, you have four live-locking bolts. The hinge bar just cannot be pried open. Digitally protected, intrusions into this little private space stands little chance.

UL classification for fire resistance capability
In the rare event of a fire breaking out like the result of a short circuit, all is not lost. SentrySafe has the power to tolerate one hour of light at 1700ºF in defense of documents and valuables. ETL verification guarantees protection to digital media for one hour at 1700ºF. Even if the safe fell 15 feet amidst the fire, ETL verification indicates that the safe will remain shut and the contents will not suffer.

The SentrySafe Range
SentrySafe sfw123es represents one of the several models manufactured by the committed company. Customers like choices and those minor differences between models bring new highs. Why not check out the selection and compare features and prices? Differences of size and structures, shapes and shades may exist. The same sterling qualities of rigid safety and perfect quality would apply right across the genre.

What exactly are you looking out for?
At some point along the way, we need to get concerned about safety. Not only is it the safety of the house and car that bothers the mind but those little things that mean so much. Precious gift items perhaps that carry sentimental value along with the high price tags! Maybe they lie scattered around the house or office in showcases, on desktops and cupboards. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to gather them and put them away together safe somewhere? Not only would they be safe from theft but also remain well preserved. Don’t expose valuables to wind and weather, dust, and water.

Guard the personal privacy zealously. Sometimes one needs a quiet corner to call their own. Tokens that are usually tiny and mean so much could get into the SentrySafe for a long, peaceful sleep. Diaries perhaps, hard copy photos, little models and ornaments that speak foreign languages that once meant so much and still do. Make a fresh beginning to a charmed life, getting intimacies across the years together again.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES, SentrySafe INC, SFW123ES

You are naturally concerned about the price. Everything must carry a price tag. Such is the law of the world. Along with prices, we must understand values, significance, and inner meanings. SentrySafe will soon become a part of your inner self and begin to reflect the personality. Store SentrySafe in your heart and consciousness forever.
Going by the product name ‘SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES,’ Amazon now sells at $138 along with the bonus of free shipping. You save $17 or 11% over the earlier price of $155.

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES, SentrySafe INC, SFW123ES


A closer look at SentrySafe
As the box arrives and is unpacked, the first vision of the black steel safe inspires strength and durability. The quiet, determined quality will endure for very long. Built to last, some things are forever like traditions and sentiments. They find preservation within SentrySafe for a generation and more.
Along with the further accessories that could be installed, the spacious safe has a multi-position shelf and door pocket with a key rack for optimal organization. A shelf insert, tray insert, and locking drawer are some additional fittings that could be mounted within to expand the facilities.

Size specifications
Statistics never do justice to the truth, whether they refer to human beings or things. Externally, the safety measures 17.8 inch. H x 16.3 inch. W x 19.3 inch. D. The interior spaces measure 13.8 inch. H x 12.6 inch. W x 11.9 inch. 

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe, Extra Large Digital Safe, 1.23 Cubic Feet, SFW123ES, SentrySafe INC, SFW123ES

Revisit the SentrySafe sfw123es smart features
* Secrecy is another word for Security. Control the data about who knows what.
* Built-in solid steel, reliability, and durability could not be better. Tools and forces will hardly work to break through the SentrySafe defense systems, strong enough to fight a war.
* A battery operated digital locking system ensures absolute safety against sneakers. The digital code entry uses a programmable 1-8 choice of numbers.
* safeguarding the safe are four large 1-inch bolts that are 60% bigger than the ones found in conventional safes. Bigger and better.
* Look within and get unconditionally well-organized with the key rack and door tray, deep door pocket, and an adjustable shelf.
* Electronic storage devices like this get the thumbs up every time in absolute Security.
* The door is strengthened by a hinge bar that nobody will get to pry open.

Come fire and rain, no great dangers either
Documents and valuables deserve the protection of the robust steel body with additional fortifications like the fire and water hazard protection — excellent chances of surviving a fire outbreak for an hour at 927 degrees centigrade with UL classification. Water protection extends to 8 inches of rainwater across 24 hours.

A word or two of caution
Size is not the only determiner when it comes to safe storage. Weapons like guns and combustible materials along with medications have no place in SentrySafe and must seek refuge elsewhere.
In order to protect against fire and water, insulation with high moisture against fire and airtight conditions against water are needed. As a result, moisture gathers inside. Don’t forget to leave the desiccant packet that absorbs moisture inside the safe at all times.

Fragile items need to be placed in airtight containers before storage! Why? Avoiding moisture, of course.
Pearls are easily damaged in a fire and should not be placed in the safe. Photo negatives and audio and video tapes, computer cartridges should not be stored within.

Find a safe location
Irrespective of location choices, SentrySafe does its duty entirely. Store it confidentially perhaps in offices or basements, bedrooms or cupboards. Let SentrySafe remain far from the public eye. Everybody cannot see everything, can they? While operating the safe, make sure that strangers are not peeping over the shoulder.

Did you know about the after-fire replacement program?
The facility extends to the original purchaser. In case of damage by fire, the manufacturer offers a replacement or refund to make up for the loss. Certain conditions need to be met to avail such a facility like registering the product within 30 days of the purchase online or with the card included.
SentrySafe warranties and

A limited warranty that safeguards the product purchase extends for one year from the date of purchase. In case of faulty materials or workmanship, the limited warranty covers structural and mechanical defects.

SentrySafe sfw123es - A goldmine for homes and small offices
While safe manufacturers, models, and specifications, prices, and capacities exist in great variety, the compact SentrySafe sfw123es brings super advantages. It certainly does not cater to the needs of banks or large offices but works on a small and mild scale. The show of strength with the forbidding steel black exterior is warning enough to those who may attempt to intrude. The personality gets a confidence boost for sure, safely holding sensitive documents and valuables that would otherwise go helter-skelter. That is precisely why many people suffer from lost, stolen or misplaced documents and valuables.

Store documents and valuables safely with SentrySafe

Amidst the frantic rushing around that modern life is all about, things quickly go missing. The file is missing one day but located three days later. Again, the earrings or the bangles are gone. If this feels like a familiar home or office scene, SentrySafe sfw123es has been built to conquer such problems. Assemble all those rare documents and precious jewelry under one roof in that little chamber of secrets. Don’t talk about it, not even on social media. If somebody is asking for advice about similar problems, suggest SentrySafe for sure. Start an exciting and safe new chapter in the mystery-filled existence called life. Doubt no further. Customer reviews and rating vouch for it. The product is not so recent, after all. Novelty does attract confusions. Tried and tested, SentrySafe is a winning formula that will travel many miles of glory.

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