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SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe with Key and Combination Access Review


In a hectic and complicated lifestyle, we always need to carry some lesser load to bring productivity in our work. Many times we travel a lot and some other times we need to carry our important accessories with us. That time we carry a bigger bag pack without having any other option. When you are chilling at the beaches that time, you want to keep your wallet, smartphone, watches and other important, delicate accessories in a safer place. Keeping all these requirements in our mind, we have developed such a device that will fulfil all your necessities. No need to carry bulky and ugly looking bigger bag packs. Here we are presenting you our new product, SAFEGO portable indoor/outdoor lock box. At a very first glance, you can't even realize what will be its functionality and how it will work. Once you get into it, you will realize later how cool and useful this gadget can be. You can put all your personal belongings like sunglasses, wallets, smartphones, watches, and money holdings etc. this tiny in size that it can be carried anywhere to any place. This safe box is very compatible with you as your optimal travel companion. It's not only a storage box, but it's also a lockbox, that it comes with both manual and combination access lock system. You can choose any of a random number sequences to lock and unlock this lock box. If in case you forget your combinations, then also you can have easy access to open this lock box with manually operated keys. This lockbox also comes with very sturdy and flexible wire, that will help to keep it at anywhere with any saying.

While keeping your belonging inside this lockbox, you do not have to get worried about any kind of water damage to your stuff. This lock box is absolutely water resistant. So any accidental splashes of water will not damage your stuff kept inside the box.

This lockbox is very small in size, and its ergonomic design let it fit anywhere. You can carry it anywhere and put it anywhere by applying its lock. We are also providing great colour options to this lockbox, that you will not look fed up with any sluggish colour or design.

The lock system is made up of nickel plates and zinc alloy. These make this lock very durable and can help it to last up to a more extended period. The case of this lock is constructed from high-quality ABS plastic materials, that will fit easily stand all kind of shocks and invasions that may happen to this lockbox at indoor or outdoor.

This lockbox comes with a long 17" adjustable cable, that will give you access of watching it at any wall or connecting points. You can adjust the length of the lock box according to your requirement. This wire is really sturdy and can also last after heavy usage for a longer period of time.

Product description:


While travelling or going to office or school, you always want to carry a maximum of stuff in a much lesser place. No one likes to carry big bulky bag packs with them only to keep their personal belongings, and also everybody wants a safe place to put those things in at the same time. So how it can be possible? We are here to make it possible by this lock box. This SAFEGO safe box is a lightweight, safe, small enough for your travelling and at the same time have great interior space to carry your accessories easily. This strong enough for everyday use.

You can not even feel like you are carrying something with you. The superior quality ABS plastic body makes this solid as well as lightweight for more ease. Any age group of people can keep it with them for their usage as it will make you face any problem while using it or while the lock and unlock it. As it is too small in size, anyone can carry it without any hindrance.

Weight: 1 lb. Can you imagine its just 1 pound, so lightweight it is and much lighter than your heavy bag packs and handbags that too with high security?

Interior Space: 88 cubic inches, this much of space will allow you to put much of your stuff inside this safe lockbox.

Size: 7 x 4 x 7.5 inches it is really very compact in size, that you do not even have to think about where to keep it while you will be roaming around.


We believed in diversity. We have designed this lock box with such an ergonomic design that you can carry it with you to anywhere without any saying. It can be your more magnificent companion at beaches, resorts, pools, gyms, hotels, offices, home, outdoor parks, cars, hospitals, sleepaway camps, assisted living facilities, and more. By using this lockbox at these places will make you stand out from the crowd and can make your work done without any strain.


From some past year, we are gradually doing significant progress in our product as well as our service quality. Being one of the leading top global manufacturers, we are taking responsibilities and risks to improve our productivity to fulfil the demands and the requirements of our customers as well as of the market. We are creating a partnership with an established e-commerce site which will distribute our products to people all over the globe, that is a definite achievement for us. People are adopting this lifestyle product while it is very reliable for daily usage and taking our values to the next level.

We are proud to say that we got featured in Business Insider, The Grommet, USA Today, Travel Channel, Travel Weekly, Real Simple, and in many more other renowned articles.


SAFEGO's unique utility features allow for seamless and riskless security. Simply what you have to do is wrap SAFEGO's 17" steel cable around any fixed object and leave it as it is. The wire is adjustable as well as very much flexible that allows it the various angle of usage.


We are providing the best possible quality materials in this safe lock box. Basically, we have designed the main lock part of this safe box with great accuracy and taking high precessions. SAFEGO's lock is made up of nickel-plated zinc alloy, that gives it high strength and durability over a longer period of usage. This coating makes it resistant to water, salt, and sand erosion.


Not only the lock portion but also we have made the body of this lock box with superior quality materials. The body is constructed from ABS plastic, which is one of the most durable plastics present in the world. This build quality makes it the perfect product to deter unwanted theft in public and private settings. SAFEGO is built to stand the test of time. It can easily last up to several usages even after with rough and tough usage.

Water, Salt, and Sand Resistant

Being constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, SAFEGO is weather and water-resistant. While sealed shut uses this SAFEGO to protect all your valuables from any unsuitable external weather or climatic conditions while you're at outside.

Earphone, Phone Charger, and Electronics Adjustable Plug Access

Our work was not over only by giving higher build quality. We also have tried our best to make it user-friendly and wanted to make it handy for the users. If you're going to listen to music or charge any of your electronic devices while keeping them out of reach, then SAFEGO comes with a pre-fitted adjustable plug opening, so you can quickly charge your electronic devices.

Features & details

This can be called as our achievements that this safe box is one of the highest rated safes present online - 95% of total reviews give 4 or 5 stars

Next thing is its heavy-duty and flexible 17 steel cable that will help you to lock around almost any kind of fixed object securely.

Having nickel coating and being made from high-quality ABS plastics it is rust-resistant, impact-resistant, and also water-resistant (90 days warranty included)

It also comes with earphone and charger access, that allows you to listen to music or charge any of your electronic devices while securely locked.

You can open this safe by using either resettable three-digit custom combination code or by unique key provided inside the box (comes with 2).


This safe box is lightweight and very small in size that can be portable and can be kept at anywhere without taking so much space. It weighs just 1 lb; this can be a real cracker for sure. Being a safe locker and weighs just 1 lb is not common at this price point. Its dimensions are 7 x 4 x 7.5 inches. From these numbers, you can easily guess how small this locker is. This can easily get fitted inside your hand.

If you think that this size is still significant for you, then do not worry, we also bring you its compact version that is smaller than the original size. The compact version has the lock system at its side profile and has a similar length of wire and rest all the things are same only except the physical dimensions.

Colours and finishes:

Not only for protecting your belongings but also for giving you a classic look, we are providing this safe box with various colour options. If you want to get it matched with your outfit then probably you may be getting tired of choosing one colour from our provided different range of colour options. Along with those colour options, this safe box also has both matte and glossy finish options. So just put your fingers on your favourite one and get it at your home instantly.

Warranty and pricing:

Such a suitable product with such a great price makes some sense. You try to keep its price as low as possible. It only costs you around 44$, and at this price, getting all these features is a real blessing. Your money will not be wasted once you put them for this product, and it also takes care of your wallet by keeping its price too less.

When coming to the warranty period, we are giving 90 days of manufacture warranty on the lock and shell. Under that period if you will face any problem with your safe box, we promise to fix that out within no time delaying. So stay stress-free and get this once in your wardrobe and feel the reliability of this product.

The bottom line:

What are you thinking? Probably you will get any other product like this with such features at such an affordable price. With a more exceptional build quality and highest possible security options, this safe box becomes one of the best secure lockers right out there in the market. The flexible 17 wire is like a universal attachment feature that can get attached with any fixed surface.

The looks and feels of this safe box are world-class. We do not make any compromise when it comes to the security of our customers. So all that you can do is, sit back and hit the buying option on this product and we will be there to deliver you seem-less security service up to your mark. After all, we want to get better lifestyles day by day. So it's just our smallest try to make your dreams come true. Being designed with such high engineering, it is one of the best buys to improve your daily life and will help you to get worried a less about your belonging while you will be chilling around.

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