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Master Lock 5900D Set Your Own Combination Portable Safe Review


To gain the experience of various places, its culture, trying numerous cuisines and to open up one's mind travelling has become an integral part of life for most people. Every person within their budget is trying to gain knowledge about their neighbouring places, which adds thrill as well as brings the required relaxation in their lives. During this time, each carries some valuable belongings without which they cannot survive, and hence, it needs to be kept secure. Many innovations have come up depending on the benefits and cost, and a person needs to decide which product one needs to go for.

Seeing all the benefits Master Lock 5900D Set Your Combination Portable Safe is one such product which has proved its worth in the market. Master lock is one of the trusted brands. You can easily set the combination code as per your choice. It can be carried easily from one place to the other. The water-resistant and vibration resistant features are unique in comparison to similar products at the same price. The 9-17/32 in. The Wide product having the gunmetal grey colour makes it look appealing and flawless.

Some fantastic key features of Master Lock 5900D:

A product becomes popular in the market, taking its unique feature, which makes it the centre of attraction among other products. Following are some features which best describe Master Lock 5900D:

  • Water-resistant construction:

These security lockboxes come designed in such a way along with some multiple types of materials which gives it the amount of durability, the solid feel and also makes it water-resistant.

On top of that one fantastic feature is the presence of shock absorbent foam. It acts as protective padding. The benefit is quite impressive. All this makes it unique. This foam lines the interior of the safe and it keeps all the delicate items protected inside the case. All your belongings stay safe when you are travelling. It restricts unnecessary vibrations and damage.

  • Set up one's combination:

People nowadays are setting up their password everywhere, so why not for this master lock, which keeps their important stuff secure. So, this Master Lock 5900D has come up with the 4- digit combination code. You can individually set according to your choice, which is easy to recall as well as convenient, hence creating one's combination.

  • Lock up and down:

The cable provided in this lock is about 20 inches in length, and the diameter is 4.75 mm. It is an integrated braided cable which is strong enough to be wound around any stationary object such as a table or a work station. Since this lock is portable, so using this cable which acts as a carrying handle can be used to carry the small safe. Even when not in use, it can be wrapped and easily locked around the outer edge of that of the safe to keep it secure.T

  • Portable electronics:

The cable access port is quite useful while travelling as the most important devices that each and everyone carries which is so close to them that one cannot afford to lose it at any cost. So, here this safe storage can be used when the devices are put on charge or the players as well as the gaming devices and can be securely stored without any tension.

master lock 5900d

  • Warranty period:

It comes with one year of limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. It can be repaired. If it fails due to some defect in materials or any mechanical damage during the lifetime of the product, one needs the proof of purchase, and the warranty is limited only for one year. Repair and replacement can be carried out in the warranty.

Product specifications:

Every product has its unique set of specifications, which makes it be distinguished as well as comparable with such similar products. These specifications are generally mentioned on the top of the packaging so that people can have an idea of what the product is like.
master lock portable 5900d change combinations

  • Item model number: 5900D
  • Weight of the item: 1.57 pounds
  • Dimensions of the product: 9.4 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches
  • Size of the product: 9-17/32 inches wide
  • Colour and finish: Gunmetal grey colour with a gunmetal finish
  • Material: Multi
  • No of units inside the package: 1
  • Included components: 1
  • Batteries included or required: No
  • Warranty period: One-year limited warranty
  • External dimensions: 2-1/4 inch. Height x 9-17/32 inch. Width x 4-59/64 inch depth
  • Internal dimensions: 1-1/4 inch Height x 8-1/8 inch width x 3-1/2 inch depth

Step by step procedure of the product installation:

The user manual comes along with the product following which the customers easily handle the product. Following are some of the steps of how to use the product:

  • It is like a small suitcase box which looks the same from all sides when seen from outside. To reveal the dials and the release button, it is needed to open the protective cover present towards the middle of the front side of the master lock.
  • Since the lock is already set from before at the factory to 0-0-0-0; hence, by using this combination at first, the lock can be unlocked.
  • Just to the right side of the dial, there is one door release button which needs to be pushed a little bit so that the lid of the lock opens slightly.
  • Then the lid can be opened fully to an angle of 58 degrees, and the keys or any other valuable electronic portable items can be in place in that small safe following which the lid can be closed.
  • Now it is needed to set the desired code combination, and for this, the lever needs to be in place for action. The set lever is present inside the box towards the top of the dials on the left side. The set lever can now be pushed to the right and then held using the finger or a screwdriver like a tool.
  • Then the Easy Read Dials - 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 pack need to be set in the required combination that the customer can easily remember after which the set lever can be released. Now the safe will open with the new combination only, and the lid can be closed carefully.
  • Here comes the step to release and lock the cable. And to do that all you need to do is push the cable release button. It will result in the cable coming out of lock slot. Following this, the cord is unwrapped from the product and wrapped around any still object. The cable end is placed in the cable lock slot and given a downward push such that it gets locked up in place.
  • After all these steps, the dials can be used to set the combination after which it can be concealed. At last, the protective cover is closed to protect the dials from dirt and weather conditions.

Points to keep in mind:

There are some essential facts which should always be kept in mind while using a particular hardware product so that it keeps on functioning correctly and remains long-lasting.

  • It is essential to note that the release button needs to be pressed, which will result in unlocking the lock and the cable until the dials are scrambled.
  • It is provided with a protective covering to conceal the dials from getting viewed from outside, and it is also needed to be always kept closed after using it so, that the dials are protected from the harsh weather conditions avoiding the risk of getting jammed.
  • While the dials are being rotated to the desired combination, if the set lever happens to be disengaged, then it is needed to be stopped after the dials should be taken care. Then, only after noting down the combination setting up the new combination can be continued after which one can again proceed with the previous step of setting and turning the lever.
  • It is quite essential to save and record the combination at a safe place so that in case a person forgets he/she can revert to it without much difficulty.

Some benefits of Master Lock 5900D:

  • The small safe has the perfect size which is beneficial when someone goes for a vacation, and this can be used as a travel safe or for personal use to protect it from theft hence, making the whole process secure and helps to have a piece of mind having full enjoyment.
  • This small secure safe is mostly used to accommodate the keys, phones, cash, passport gaming devices and can be tied around any stationary object by using the cable provided.
  • By setting up the four digits combination code, it is easily carried from one place to another without the fear of losing the valuable items. The cable access post also helps to listen to music or for charging the devices even when it is locked.
  • It is made up of water-resistant material and also with that at its interior, there is the shock-absorbing foam, which makes it safe from any vibration. Since there is delicate stuff along with the electronic items inside, it needs to be kept secure in this portable safe box.
  • Since there is no use of batteries, hence it is like a one-time investment. It is quite cheap, and there is no fear of the product getting wet as it is water-resistant. The product is durable and reliable for a more extended period.

How to maintain the Master Lock 5900D?
master lock portable 5900d change combinations

  • Liquid items should not be carried in this safe lock box as there is a chance of it getting spilt. The dials can also get jammed.
  • Chemicals and abrasives should not be used to clean the lockbox, and if it has become dirty, then it can be cleaned with a dry clean cloth.

What customers have to say about this product?

  • It is easy to use this product, especially during vacation around children so that it is kept away from them in a secure place.
  • It is an excellent safe for small items and more like that of a theft-deterrent lockbox in comparison to a safe. The provided cable is also quite thick and is not at all heavy hence easily portable.
  • It comes with a good plastic case at an affordable price which can easily fit phones, keys and cash. People say they have been using this for years and there is none like that compared to this lock safe.
  • When compared with SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe with Key and Combination Access (White), Master Lock 5900D has given almost equivalent benefits but at a much cheaper rate. There are no such inspection indicators, but it still helps to keep stuff secure.
  • It is not the TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Lock so it cannot be easily opened with any key. If it does not open, you can break the lock.

Conclusion on Master Lock 5900D:

These days many such locks are being manufactured which advertise that the product is top class. But when compared with Master Lock 5900D, 5400D will stand out in the market as it provides some of the outstanding benefits and features in comparison to the price. It is available in a different colour, but each colour and finish is flawless. It is like a travel buddy who keeps all your belongings safe. It takes care of articles like recordkeeping & money handling products. The shock absorbent pad provided in this is one is very rarely present in such products at such an affordable price. These things have made this product stand out in the market as it is people-friendly since portable and can be carried anywhere without requiring a large space. The dimensions are such that it attracts the customer to go for it without giving any second thought. It is one of the most trusted brands in the market and has a recommendable warranty period.

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