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Master Lock 5400D Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box Review


Nowadays, with an increase in population, many houses are being constructed. Hence they need to be safeguarded with proper security. So, robbery is not possible, and people can have adequate peace, which makes their life simpler. If we install a master lock, it can help us to go keyless without the fear of losing the house key, car key, and access cards. People in previous times as well as now also carry their keys with them and sometimes end up losing it, which makes them fall into big problems. So to fight with this, some techniques have been developed and made available for the common man using which they can protect their belongings for indoor and outdoor use.
master lock lock box

So the Master Lock 5400D is one such hardware product which is not only portable but also innovative. It makes available for heavy-duty security by giving the option of setting the combination code. These are a great help to humankind and is one such recordkeeping and money handling products which can safeguard the home. There are many options in the market, but this is one such product which is highly recommended by people who are already using it and are quite satisfied. It has many useful features and benefits which make it unique and quite easy to install. Many experiments have been carried out to check if the dials are moving properly or not in different weather conditions, and no such problem came into the picture when inspected.

Some of the key features:

There are a variety of lockboxes available in the market. However, depending on the customer's demand and budget, it is one of the best product. It best suites and the below key features make the decision more evident:

  • Set your combination: You can key in your own set of the 4-digit favourite number combination. It is not only is easy to remember but also provides the flexibility of going keyless without the burden of losing the key of the house. The security is also maintained. Hence, the overall process becomes quite convenient as the combination can be changed any number of times desired by just pressing the reset button.
  • Portable lockbox: The lockbox is suitable to carry, and it can be placed easily over the doorknob by using the removable shackle. It is made up of materials which act as a protective cover from harsh weather, which helps in preventing the dial pad from getting stuck or jammed. It has a moulded body with a vinyl coated shackle. It protects the device from getting corroded. It more durable compared to other coatings and also safeguards from getting scratched.
  • Large capacity: The compartment has a five essential capability, and the internal dimensions that the lockbox provides are shaped in "L" manner. The aspects are unique, which makes it portable with the top section measuring 0.3 in x 1.56 in x 2.59 in and the bottom portion measuring 0.95 in x 1.51 in x 3.21 inch. It is spacious enough to accommodate five keys at one time. So, in short, the house keys and the access cards can be kept safe inside at one place without the fear of mishandling it. This key storage comes with the following dimensions, which are easy to handle:
    • External size of 10.2 cm height x 8.3 cm width x 4.4 cm depth and the shackle has a diameter of 10 mm with the length and width being 36 mm and 48 mm respectively.
    • An internal dimension of 8.9 cm height x 7 cm width and 3 cm depth with five key storage capacity
  • Variety in colour and design: It is found in various styles and colour like being it portable or the wall mount, but the one we are talking about here is the portable black lockbox which has a shutter door in the dial to protect it from the outside weather and dirt.
  • Warranty: It comes with the limited lifetime warranty, which makes the customers have trust in the brand, which can help them have peace of mind while going for the product. The electronic padlock is having a warranty of one year from the date of purchase if in case it has any electronic and mechanical defects. And in case any errors arise during the warranty period than using the original sales receipt one can go for a warranty claim by checking the warranty rules and regulations.

Product specifications:

The product information is the most important details that the customer first looks for in a hardware product. The product should be properly packed and transported to the customers to avoid any physical damage. Following are the details which make it one of the most recommended products:

  • Weight of the item: 1.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions : 9.2 x 5.2 x 1.9 inches
  • Compartment size: 5 key capacity
  • Product style: Portable
  • Material: Molded metal
  • Quantity in package: 1
  • Included components: None
  • Batteries included or required: No
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Step by step procedure of how to install this product:

After unpacking the hardware products, the first thing is to know the steps in which the product can be properly set up with precautions so that the product lasts for long without being damaged.

  • After having the product in hand, it is needed to know which part functions in which method; hence, it is necessary to open the user manual to see the product well.
  • When it is tried to open the compartment door where the key is to be stored for that first, it is required to open the shutter door where the dial pad is there along with the release button.
  • The by default combination which is set at the factory to 0-0-0-0 needs to be established first to open the compartment door by rotating the dials and then pressing the release button which is present near to the dial pad.
  • The initial combination can be changed to the desired combination by pulling the reset lever first towards left and then down and then keeping the gear in that position the dials can be rotated to set the 4-digit number. After this, the lever is pushed up and right to the present location so that the compartment door is closed and is now unlocked using the set combination
  • After pulling the door fully open the keys can be either added or removed and then the compartment door can be closed to safeguard the keys.
  • The combination dial can be scrabbled to lock it after which the shutter door can be closed.
  • Since this is the shackle model, it is pushed to release the lever left to open it, following which the shackle is pulled out of the lock. Then the chain is placed around the doorknob or any other desired place after which it is pushed downwards to lock it which closes the shack.

The customer gives reviews:

The Master Lock 5400D set your combination portable lockbox has good reviews from customers who have been using this lock since years and have given suggestions to go for this fine product over others as it one of the most trusted as well as has the best performance.

  • It is working well since months, and no one has even tried to enter once as it provides the necessary level of security as there is no need of keeping the keys outside.
  • The code combination is quite easy to change whenever required or after sharing with anyone in case of any urgency. In such situations, we can go for a change in the code, which makes it secure.
  • It has a great concept concerning design and its mechanism, which also has a functional space for almost up to five keys and even access cards.
  • It is quite easy to set up and getting it to work as it is a solid lock having one of the best methods to hide the keys as well as the pad of the digit using the shutter door.

Points to keep in mind while using:

  • The release button cannot open the lock until and unless the dial pad is not scrambled correctly with the correct set of combination.
  • To protect the dials from harsh conditions and also from people viewing it, the shutter door can be kept closed.

master lock 5400d combination key safe

  • While trying to open the shackle, it should be carefully done reading the user manual provided in the product box so that it is properly fitted on the doorknob.

How to maintain the product?

  • It is essential to take care of any product we buy to make it survive for an extended period, but no such proper maintenance is required in case of this master lock as it is provided with one of the best coatings and there is also a shutter box for protection.

master lock 5400d select access key storage box

  • There should be no use of chemicals to clean it and only cleaning it with a clean, dry cloth can fulfil the purpose in case it becomes dirty on exposure to outside pollution.

Some of the benefits provided by the Master Lock 5400D:

This product comes with some remarkable benefits which help it to stand out in the market and makes it one of the most trustable brands. Following are some exciting benefits which can help a customer to avail this product easily:

  • It comes with a metal body so that it is highly durable along with the vinyl coating shackle which prevents it from unnecessary scratching as well as preventing it from getting rusted.
  • It has a unique door known as the shutter door which protects the combination dial pad from harsh weather conditions so that it is not easily jammed and is long-lasting.
  • It has a large capacity compartment inside the lockbox which can securely store up to 5 keys and can be hung anywhere be it the ball, biscuit or the tulip type of doorknob.
  • The four-digit combination of portable lockbox is quite useful as it is reset for using almost thousands of code options according to one's personal choice, which makes it easy to remember as well as to use. As many a time, such situations arise where some things are urgently needed from the house, and we need someone else's help, and in such cases sharing the code is the only option which can be easily changed afterwards by using the reset button.


  • It also has a limited lifetime warranty of one year and can be easily replaced in case of any electronic or mechanical damage by showing the original receipts at the service centres.
  • It is like a one-time investment and enjoying the benefits for a long time because neither does it require the use of current nor the use of batteries. Hence, it is quite cost-effective compared to the other products available in the market.


Every product has its benefits as well as its demerits when compared with other similar products. But the Master Lock 5400D is one such security lockbox which is made with great care and precision so that it can fulfil the requirements as per its function. It has come with such unique features of large storage capacity. You can hang it directly on the doorknob for an easy fit. Nowadays, securing things we buy for our house is an important aspect. When one builds a house or buys it, the keyless entry keeps you tension free. In case the code details are revealed, it is quite easy to change the combination to keep the keys safe. It is also quite easy to install and has the best features at an affordable range, and one can easily go for this product without having any second thoughts. There might be a variety of lockbox available in the market, but the Master Lock 5400D would never put your trust down.

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