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Gunvault SpeedVault Biometric Pistol Safe Review


Importance of Biometric technology is broad. Hence, it has been referred to as a modern security system. Over the years the Biometric technology has been using in government and private companies to secure their belongings and important documents preventing theft and misuse by thefts.

What is Biometric security?
Biometric security is a limited access to the locker, where only authorized users who have registered their physical characteristics (iris, fingerprint, face) have right on the assets that are preserved. The system records the individual physical trademarks (iris, face, and Fingerprint) and thus converts the data into digital format. Further the system uses complex algorithm to find the registered match. The traditional usage of Keys is gradually diminishing; also, the introduction of keypad locks has drawn a lot of disapproval.

The keypad system practice was interrupted by hackers and thus used to draw the assets from the lockers. This is why biometrics came into the market that accelerated to implement in the places where assets need to preserve.

This article we are focusing on Fingerprint biometric technology. Fingerprint recognition looks for the particular patterns of ridges and valleys that are there in the individuals Fingerprint. Each Fingerprint is unique from others; this aids to identify the individuals. So this makes Fingerprint not stole by anyone. Biometric technology uses two different ways that are verification and identification in which personal identity can be determined. Confirmation ensures the individual is indeed who they declare to be and performs one-and-one contrast to the individuals fingerprint pattern that is stored in the system. Identification performs one too many comparisons to substantiate a persons identity. Sample of original fingerprint pattern is compared with the entire reference template that is stored in the system. An individual will be allowed to access the locker in case if the Fingerprint matches any of the stored models.

Why is Biometric Fingerprint technology paramount?
Individual or organizations can enjoy limitless security solution. Todays economic status is growing gradually, and technological advancement has contributed to the practice and function of the business. In this scenario, companies must adopt new security measures that should be flexible to exist in this competitive world. The sectors who have taken this Biometric fingerprint technology are Healthcare, Universities, Manufacturing, etc.

The identification of authorized individual becomes smarter, accurate, and efficient with this biometric fingerprint technology. Expert says the introduction of fingerprint technology in different sectors has reported the reduction in fraudulent behavior. This biometric fingerprint technology can be used to provide access to the individual both logically and physically. A person can be allowed to enter the building by which physical access will be given. Through logical access, an individual would be given access to resources (computer, assets, and documents, so on).
Unlike magnetic band and password authorized person need not carry or remember keys and password respectively. Instead, a person should swipe the fingerprint pattern to gain access to the assets and belongings. Nowadays, all around the world are using this biometric fingerprint technology to avoid security breaches.

Fingerprint impossible to steal or forget, thus provides greater security. The convince provided by this technology would be higher than traditional mechanisms. Fingerprint system is enhanced protection for assets and personal documents. The adoption of fingerprint technology in every sector has gained momentum, and it endures to grow faster.

Here in this article let us know insight about biometric fingerprint pistol safe. A weapon is significantly essential for , which cannot be kept at the open place. In the home there will be children who will be running around the. Ideally, the weapon is not safe to stay at home. To prevent from unfavorable conditions people can take biometric gun safe. A combination lick or traditional lock system can be opened quickly, so it not safe to keep the pistol in such lockers. Also, it is not a good idea to carry keys all the time or remember a password. Batteries some models come with adapters power Usually biometric gun safes.

The SVB500 Gunvault SpeedVault is the ideal choice for biometric gun safes. This fingerprint biometric system can preserve up to 120 patterns of fingerprints so that can provide 120 individuals are granted access facility. A locked cabinet helps to keep the gun safe. The Gunvault is remarked as the best biometric gun safe.

Let us know in detail about the Gunvault Speedvault Biometric gun safe
1. Gunvault SpeedVault Biometric gun safe is compact and portable that keeps gun safe. This SpeedVault pistol safe uses biometric fingerprint technology for high performance and self-improving algorithm to accomplish quick access to the pistol reliable content. Storing a firearm with Gunvault SpeedVault biometric is safe. The biometric scanner is a sensitive system that requires handling carefully. Gunvault SpeedVault is the ultimate solution to keep your pistol safe. The system can able to preserve 120 patterns of Fingerprint.

2. This Gunvault SpeedVault biometric technology is invented and developed by the company Gunvault. The system allows securing your guns, weapons, and other essential self-defense items. The fingerprint patterns still are retained even after the battery gets wholly drained and electrical failure. The shipped GunVault SpeedVault Biometric gun safe comes with following items
a. Instruction manual
b. Mounting bracket
c. SpeedVault biometric
d. Backup keys- 2

3. The system must be used carefully to understand the working using manual. Before using the SpeedVault Biometric, remove the backup keys. The backup keys are used it can be used in case of emergency to unlock the door in case of fingerprint failure. The key can be opened by inserting into the lock cylinder. In case the key is added at the wrong place, then there might be chances of damaging the system. Experts also suggest that they do not use the fingerprint sensor and locking system together.

4. The GunVault systems Fingerprint must be set initially enrolled by an administrator. If the LED flashes when learn button is pressed and the system beeps it indicates the unit has reached 120 fingerprints. That is the unit capacity maximum of 120 patterns. When a registered wants to gain access to the device, he/she must place their finger on the fingerprint position. Once the scan is completed can hear the beep sound further can aid to open the door of the system.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500, GunVault, SVB500

5. GunVault Speedvault biometric method of authenticating helps to identify the person who has registered to the unit. Biometric Fingerprint is a unique characteristic that cannot be matched or mimicked by anyone, or anyone can steal that. An individual fingerprint is determined through a pattern of ridges and furrows. These patterns are unique that helps the system in identifying the authorized person. The system does not require power to function or computer. The authentication process should be practiced well to escape from unfavorable events.

6. This fingerprint access GunVault SpeedVault unit can be used either by valid keys and fingerprints. The group gets ready when press and release the start button when the system is prepared the green LED flashes twice, and it gives a beep sound. This indicates the order is ready to use and can place the equipment. The finger should be placed accurately in flat contact with the scanner. It takes 2 seconds to complete the scan of the placed finger. In case if the fingerprint does not match with saved template LED flashes with red color indicating the access denied. If the LED bursts with green color, then access is accepted. In case the unit does not take even the registered person then delete all users and enroll again.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500, GunVault, SVB500

7. The SpeedVault biometric unit also provide an opportunity to delete the fingerprint pattern. In future, if required to remove the fingerprint pattern that is also allowed. To eliminate the fingerprint patterns from the unit storage place. Keep the person fingerprint on the sensor press and hold the delete button; this leads LED light to turn red. Further news the start button, the unit will beep green color twice once the fingerprints are deleted.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500, GunVault, SVB500

8. A battery powers the unit, it beeps when the unit is ready. While in case of all such process, the unit consumes battery. When the battery gets drained, LED flashes red light three times. When the unit beeps for thrice, users must remove the old battery and replace with a new 9v battery that accurately holds positive and negative in the holder. Do not forget to snap the battery cover once after replacing the battery.

9. This SpeedVault unit can be mounted from right, back, or left position using bracket holes. During the mounting, the biometric must be placed in such a way that the door should be opened correctly. The screws provided to mount the device are only for solid wood surface only. In case if it has to mounted for the thick wall that is built from cement, drywall, etc. then users must purchase suitable hardware that suits the unit.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500, GunVault, SVB500

10. 120 individuals can gain access to this biometric fingerprint pistol safe. The safe being electronic need not to worry for losing the stored fingerprint patterns. In case if the system does not open with the fingerprint scan a user can open with backup keys that are given while buying the unit. This gun safe is equipped with LED light even in the dark places users can easily access the group to remove the gun. The door of this safe unit is fitted with spring that keeps the door open until the user closes it manually.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500, GunVault, SVB500

11. The GunVault SpeedVault unit comes with a warranty of one year from the date of purchase. These warranties cannot be transferred or assigned to the third person. In case if find any damage in the device contacts the company directly to obtain the guarantee. The company wont take any responsibility for loss or damage to the product while shipping. The warranty card should be filled and submit to the company within ten days of receiving the product.

12. Before buying this product, it is the right of the user to the specifications of SpeedVault biometric. This SpeedVault GunVault biometric weighs 6.61 lbs, and the exterior dimension is 13*3.5*6.5 inches, the interior size is 8.5*2.6*5.75 inches. The unit wall is safely housed with 18 gauge steel. Since the wall is thick, there will be no question of breaking in to steal the assets from the storage.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500, GunVault, SVB500

Be it a gun other valuable equipment/assets this GunVault SpeedVault is a perfect idea for bringing home. Keep your handgun safe and secure in the SpeedVault biometric unit. This system is complete and suits keeping in home and office. You can keep your handgun safe without examining manually. As the device is improved with high-strengthen lock mechanism with precise fittings, make it virtually impossible for the third person to open with hand tools. According to experts to obtain the efficiency GunVault SVB500 biometric fingerprint must use an alkaline battery (Energizer or Duracell).

The battery comes with five years of expiration for all the products. No matter what Gunvault storage case remains secure with heavy gauge steel construction and locking mechanism. As per users reviews, it is found that the Gunvault SVB500 has tremendously done a favor for the owners who have handguns to preserve it. This compact case with biometric technology looks like a briefcase or daypack. The sensor uses a unique algorithm to identify the fingerprint templates which are previously registered by the administrator. GunVault being a top seller for gun cases, provides the quality bags and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This GunVault biometric pistol safe is waterproof so a user can carry to this case irrespective to the place.

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