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First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe Review


An accident happens accidentally, so having a perfect safeguard at home is essential. Every home has some valuable components, and in a busy lifestyle, it is quite impossible to guard the things physically. That's why people go for robust lockers or safes. Cabinets are not a new thing, and dial control, numeric control or sensor controls are not so unique as well. First Alert is producing the safest lockers through 6decdaes. Many customers are using various safe models of the company. By following every perspective, most customers' reports are saying that the products of the company are trustworthy and excellent. This time the company has launched First alert 2087f-bd. The 2087f model is one of the most effective safes in the market now.
First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet, First Alert / BRK Brands, Inc., 2087F-BD

As the matter is dealing with the most valuable materials of a house or any other property, therefore, people should know who are promising first.

The Tool: 
Now, worrying about your expensive components is away. The market has the most reliable tool that can store safely. A locker with the most potent combination for protecting valuables from heat, cold and attacks is now near to the hands.

First alert 2087f-bd model is manufactured specifically for protecting materials from different sorts of threats like theft, fire, and flood. From the applied raw material to the operation process, everything is developed strategically. Aim of the product is to ensure superior safety. Resin is a durable substance that lives well under extreme heat, doesn't leak a single drop of water and can't be broken easily.

Such sturdy material has used in manufacturing First alert 2087f-bd. There are more in the specification list that ensures total safety. The entire layout was designed by following a simple method, which helps users in operation. The simple process is not enough for opening the safe without key and code. So, anybody can't open it without the right combination. This safe is the perfect choice for saving any precious asset like property paper, electronics, vital keys, and others. Competitive rate of the product keeps it in the range of several classes of people.

Strength of the locker:
Raw Material:
The material, which is used in making the First alert 2087f-bd, is the primary strength point. Resin, as mentioned previously, has developed the body. The organic substance has converted into a sticky polymer. As a result, the polymer type became fire and water resistant. The form takes an influential figure, which is very tough to crack or break. The resin creates a perfect powerful body that a locker has to have. Any natural material must not form such shield for. A cabinet is an essential tool that protects the most critical components. So, a locker's body must be highly compatible with the need.
First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet, First Alert / BRK Brands, Inc., 2087F-BD

Resin is used in all types of lockers like sports lockers change room lockers, gym lockers, etc. Fire, water, moisture resistance, and rust-proof are the main factors of using resin in locker manufacturing. Along with the specifications, the characteristic of resin says that it can be shaped; differently, it decreases terrible smelling, and it is easy to maintain. According to the specification and characteristic 5-7 inches of the thick resin layer is perfect for creating the most robust body of First alert 2087f-bd.

The customers support the locker because of its mechanisms. The features have implemented for providing the best users' experience. The second strength point differentiates First alert 2087f-bd from general cabinets. Any standard locker can't even think about such accessibilities in a limited budget what the First Alert's models have executed.

Ready seal – ready seal technology belongs to the penetrating mechanism list. Implementation of the specific technology increases the toughness and reliability of the locker.

The item wouldn't lap or streak, cracked or flaked if the technology has applied correctly. First alert 2087f-bd is a locker of a renowned brand, which has successfully implemented the ready seal technology. Therefore, the product assures no leakage of water or even air. Any harmful particle won't reach inside the container if it is locked correctly. Ready seal technology has provided a rustic and smooth look.

Therefore, the natural product appears with 10time more grace and beauty. The shiny surface makes the cleaning very easy as well. Users don't need to apply chemical or physical mixtures for cleaning the locker. Just use a clean and dry cloth for keeping the tool's body fresh. There are no more chapters of maintenance of First alert 2087f-bd. Perfect execution of the technology saves inner components from water, humidity, and other harmful ingredients.

Fires resistance – the fire resisting capability has added by an advanced mechanism. The body can resist up to 1700 degrees temperature without any flaw. The best part is such high heat can't harm any part of the tool for one hour of continuous flow. If anyhow the locker goes in the wrong hand, then without the code First alert 2087f-bd can't be opened.

In case the cabinet has put into high heat, that wouldn't be deformed or become weak. Such resisting ability is immense, and few tools can oppose such difficulty. Tight sealing doesn't allow the fire to enter into the container in a locked situation. So, the possibility of mess-up in the locked condition is zero.

Operation – opening First alert 2087f-bd can be very tough without the right combination. If the user has the correct code, then opening the safe is so easy. There is a pre-installed code, which would be informed to the buyer only.

Dial the code via a knob. First dial the knob five times from right to left and then fix on the first digit of the code on sixth time, dial three times from left to right and fix at the second digit on 4th time, dial 2times from right to left and stop at the third digit on 3rd time and lastly dial 1time from left to right and stop at the last number on 2nd time. Use the handle and turn to open the locker. There is an emergency key to open the safe without combination.

First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet, First Alert / BRK Brands, Inc., 2087F-BD

The critical operation makes the operation faster and easier. There is a locking cover below the dial, pull-up the cover through screwdriver's edge or fingernail and insert the key unlocks.
Bolts down – generally lockers need to fix firmly on the floor or several parts of a house for the unmovable condition. Attaching a cabinet is a hassle. It needs to apply a problematic mechanism, and the job is not DIY. People need experts for storing a locker in the house. At the other side, First alert 2087f-bd has hassle-free bolt down mechanism. Users don't need to add extra mechanism to fasten the locker with the floor.

First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet, First Alert / BRK Brands, Inc., 2087F-BD

Automatic bolts down technology would accomplish the job. People need to place safety, and the product would remain its safety and resistance automatically.
Customizable shelf – First alert 2087f-bd has a rack that separates the inside area into multiple sections. The locker's ledge is not fixed, and there are several steps at the inner surface.

Users can adjust the slope by keeping it in different step or remove that as a requirement. This mechanism enlarges the list of components that can be stored in the safe. People can think about keeping exceptional items like electronic gadgets, files, etc. More space helps to save several materials as per the need.

Additional features:
First alert 2087f-bd has some extended functions that enhance the users' experience. A most important feature is its space and dimension. These two have made the locker better than any general model of this budget.

Space – The locker has 0.94 cubic foot space inside. Space is ample. People can store valuable jewelry in numbers even without putting out from boxes. So, the jewelry' health may live well for long times. Long channel files can be kept inside such space. More than 50files can live in the area. Big electronic toolkits, essential documents, hard-drive, and others can be stored for a long time. By using shelve, different types of tools can take place in the locker.

Dimension –the size and shape have maintained acuteness. First alert 2087f-bd is not too huge that would demand a lot of space in houses. 17.8 x 15 x 19.8 inches of outer surface doesn't need a vast area of placement. The entire size that lives under certain counts provides exactness and smartness. The shape is the added perspective that makes the tool more beautiful. Inner space's dimension is 12.88 x 10.38 x 12.25 inches, which proves those 5-7 inches of difference between the outer layer and the inner layer is cleared. The size of the First alert 2087f-bd not only gives acuteness to the tool in and out but also proves the thickness of the body. Such thick frame assures every harmful ingredient far away from personal valuables.

Pry-resistant construction – the construction has followed pry-resistant technology, which is another useful feature of First alert 2087f-bd. Along with the body, the door has a perfect coating. Enough coating on the body and door assures heat resisting ability. The thick and robust layer can resist immense pressure as well. Thus, it doesn't allow any external stress on personal valuables.
Weight – lots of positive features and specifications have combined into First alert 2087f-bd, though the material is not too heavy. Total weight of the product is 82 pounds, which are near to 38 kilograms. This weight is movable under certain conditions as the entire space is not too large so the weight becomes not more substantial for carrying. The weight doesn't impact on different soft floor tiles. This heaviness can be stored at the top of some cabinets as well.

First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet, First Alert / BRK Brands, Inc., 2087F-BD

Look – the product has a beautiful grey finishing. Grey is a color of urban culture. The tone suits with different architecture. First alert 2087f-bd has an excellent presentation.

Corners are rounded by acute technique, the surface is polished and has a smooth look and feel, there are four short sized rubber pads under and the backside is finished perfectly as well.The front door is shaped beautifully, and the door is attached with the body by two hinges, which are sealed tightly.

The particles are assembled compactly that doesn't allow any air to pass through. Smartness and beauty are two primary factors to judge the look of the locker.

What is in the box?
First Alert provides all the vital elements along with the product's components. In the box of 2087f model, there are some essential tools as well.
• The First alert 2087f-bd locker body.
• Adjustable slope
• Two override keys
• Mounting hardware
• Manual book (IMG-20)

The box weight of First alert 2087f-bd is not so heavy, and most importantly, the box does not consist of additional materials. The tool is assembled. Users have to unpack the package and place the locker. There is nothing collect, set-up, plug-in, or other hazards.

Where to keep the locker?
The locker has explicitly designed for mass use. So, regarding the size, shape, buy, and maintain the product is not out of the range. The locker can be placed on the surface at a corner of the house. People can keep it away from outsider's eye as well. Choose a shelf of the cupboard and keep it. The weight wouldn't be a burden. First alert 2087f-bd can take place on the top of a cabinet as well, or users can keep it open in their house. The robust set-up wouldn't allow anybody to open it. So, there is nothing worry about placing it. As little space is enough for keeping safe, therefore, any small-sized apartments can go for the locker.

In modern day lifestyle is being too busy, and it is quite impossible to guard the valuables all the time physically. Every family has some precious substances, which can't be kept under authority. The First alert 2087f-bd gives people to be the authority and guard your components by own. There are some digital processes of protecting valuables, but digital toolkits are very expensive, which is poles apart from First Alert's safe.

So according to the smart look, less dangerous operation and placing, low maintenance criteria, beautiful shape and size, durability, robust set-up, various profitable specifications and five years of warranty, First alert 2087f-bd is the best choice for protecting valuables in these days.

Product description:
Weight – 82 pounds
Dimension – 12.88 x 10.38 x 12.25 inches (inner)
17.8 x 15 x 19.8 inches (outer)
Color – grey
Material – Resin
Warranty – 5 years

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