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Case Club Pre-Cut AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case Review


A tactical rifle requires extensive care for long-term use. A quality rifle case not only helps to keep the rifle safe but also improves the longevity of the rifle. There are a number of factors that comes into play while choosing the right set of rifle case. The weight of the rifle is expected to be in proportion with that of the rifle. The cushioning needs to be high enough to place the rifle high enough. While choosing the rifle case, one has to select This case which can carry most of the accessories, if not the all. It is always recommended to choose a water-proof case for better resistance against rain and splash.

I recently receivedCase ClubPre-Cut AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case, which I ordered from Amazon last week. I was planning to review this critically acclaimed rifle case for a while, and finally, I got one to offer you a clear insight into the product. As many of the rifle owners are eagerly waiting for the review, and here we go.


The Pre-Cut AR15 Waterproof Rifle Caseis a Case Club product. Case Club is one of the highly successful cases of manufacturers in the industry. The company is famous for its products durability and superior quality. Therefore, many professionals and Army people opt for Case Club products. The brand does not disappoint again with its latest offering, AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case.

The packaging was impressive, and This case was utterly safe within the sturdy package. In my first impression, This case feels relatively heavier in weight, in comparison to its major competitors. But, on the other hand, the looks of This case was super impressive, and it feels durable in the first glance. Before rushing towards the features of This case, lets take a look at the specification of the product.


  • This case is having a dimension of 41" * 17 * 6".
  • This case is a bit heavy than its counterparts, and it is weighing around 14.6 pounds.
  • The AR15 rifle case is completelywater proofin nature.
  • Case Club also ensures This case to bedust proof.
  • The company offerspre-cut foaminside This case to hold the AR-15 Rifle.
  • It also has a separate place to magazines, pistol, and other rifle attachments.
  • The company also provides a silica gel canister for removing moisture.
  • The product is black in color.
  • It is priced at 180 USD on Amazon.


This case Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case with Silica Gel & Accessory Boxis a hardshell case having a strong strap. This case is itself feature-packed, and you might notice the same in the specification section. The AR 15 rifle is going to be perfectly fit into thefoam, with or without the optics. The company stood on its reputation by offering high-quality foam to hold the rifle and its accessories. The foam used in This case is a military-grade polyethylene. These kinds of high-quality foams can be cleaned or dried even after contact with most liquids, such as oil and water. If you want to customize the foam according to your necessity, one can separate the pre-cut foam using a knife. After customizing it, you can again insert the foam into This case.

The dust and water-proof element will help to keep your rifle safe even in adverse situations like rain and dust storms. Therefore, you can take the rifle without worrying about the weather forecast. This case has the place for multiple items for additional rifle attachments. This case has a place for carrying an additional pistol, and optics. The pre-cut foam also offers as many as two separate cutouts for holding magazines. As a result, you can pack both pmag and the regular magazines in this case.

This case Club also provides a canister that is reusable in nature. It will help you to remove the moisture contents from This case. It further offers a complete waterproof box to store the cleaning items and all sorts of tools.

This case is designed after considering all sorts of environments. You might have noticed that sometimes you need to take This case to a higher altitude. Therefore, This case is made in a pressure equalization valve, which keeps your rifle safe and in the best possible shape.

You can lock This case at any point in time; as a result, no one can access your rifle, even In case you are not around. Having the lock feature adds a safety feature for your weapon. Besides, This case is airline approved; therefore, you will not face any short problem at the time of shipping. You can even check in the airport with This case.

This case does not compromise on durability. This case club made case has as many as five heavy-duty latches to prevent any sort of unfortunate events. Among the five present latches, you can even lock a couple of latches for additional security. You can take This case in your flight, without worrying about its durability. Even though you are concerned over the safety of your weapon, you can take advantage of Padlockable holes present in This case to use an additional master lock.

This case is compact and feels premium to use. Most importantly, it is quite durable to use, as you can carry this case in all seasons, every possible altitude, and even sandy deserts. Besides, you are going to experience the quality offered by This case Club. Like most of their products, Case Club is offering the best in class design, material, and features in one organized case, which will definitely satisfy most of their loyal customer base.

Pros and Cons of Case Club AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

Once you are done with the features, lets take a look at the pros and cons of the Case Club AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case.


Firstly, lets talk about the positives of the highly acclaimed case.

  • The product of Case Club is durable in nature.
  • This case is organized and compact to look at.
  • This case is water and dust resistant.
  • Best case for frequent travelers.
  • Inclusion of quality foam.
  • It fits with your rifle.
  • This case has additional space for other equipment like pistol and magazines.
  • A number of security locks.
  • Option for customizing.


No product is perfect, there is always a scope of improvement, and the AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case is no exception. Here are some negative aspects of This case that I feel.

  • This case is quite heavy, even when there is no rifle in it.
  • I was expecting a better and innovative Case locks and latches, as the existing ones can be opened forcefully as well.
  • Lack of color option.
  • The cost of the product is more than average in the industry, but, on the other hand, you are getting a relatively better product as well. But, it is advisable to purchase during the offer period at a discounted price.
  • The product is available in limited countries.

Other alternatives to Case Club AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

In case you are not a fan of Case Club, or This case fits into your requirements, no reason to worry, as there are a number of similar alternatives available in the market. Here, I am going to discuss a three AR15 Rifle Case that you might like.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

In case you are looking for a more premium AR15 rifle case, it is advisable to go withPlano All Weather Tactical Gun Case.The manufacturer, Plano, is one of the most reputed case providers in the entire industry. The United States-based company is offering quality cases since 1952. This case comes with a length of 42, 5 Width, and 15 height from the inside. An empty Plano tactical gun case is having a shipping weight of 15.6 pounds. Like Case Club, this Plano case also offers reliability and good protection for your rifle.

This case is equipped with the spring-loaded, lockable latches, which is effective to lock This case when you are not around. Besides, you can also use the padlock tabs present in This case for additional security. You can carry any sort of assault-style weapon inside This case. The Plano case applies a Dri-Loc seal for all-weather protection to This case. As a result, you can take your weapon without being worried about the weather.

Plano also offers quality Pre-perforated pluck foam, which is very easy to customize according to your needs. The thick foam will help your weapon to stay at its best shape. This case is quite compact, easy to use, and attractive to look at. But, on the flip side, you have to pay a considerable amount of 300 USD to buy This case from Amazon. In case you are staying outside of the United States, it will be quite difficult to order This case, as it is eligible for only USA shipping.

If your budget is around 300 USD, this Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is the best thing you can buy for your rifle.

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical AR Case

This case is the best product that you can get at a budget price point. The Flambeau AR Case is made up of hard plastic, which results in a durable and lighter case. Though the foam is not as premium as Plano or Case Club, it is still can offer enough cushioning for your rifle to insulate any sorts of external shocks.

Unlike the previous two cases, this budget-friendly AR case offers anti-rust and anti-corrosion support for your weapon. This case uses Zerust that releases a vapor, which made a protective layer on your weapons and acts against the rusting and corrosion.

This case is having a dimension of 40 x 12 x 5 inches, which is on par according to the industry standard. The made in USA product is having as many as four locking points to make your rifle safe at the time of your absence. The locking system further helps at the time of your traveling. Besides, you can take some additional magazines inside This case only. You can easily carry This case to the airport without having any sorts of trouble.

The best part about This case is its low price, and available at 35 USD in Amazon. Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical AR Case offers many more things at a negligible price point. Besides, its lightweight is a treat for travelers. Therefore, if you dont want to spend a huge amount on This case, this might be a good deal for you.

Do I recommend Case Club AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case?

I am going to recommend the case for its durability, all-around resistance, and customizability. Besides, This case isa bang for the buck, as it offers a lot at a reasonable price point. You can easily travel with This case, which makes it an excellent choice for the traveler community. The water and dust resistance will help your rifle to last longer and minimize the maintenance cost.

The usage of heavy-duty material makes This case a durable one. Besides, you can customize the foam for a better holding. Though the quality of the security lock could be improved, a number of locks make This case a secured one. You can also add a number of supporting arms and ammunition like pistols and magazines in the same case only.

If your budget is around 200 USD, it is hard to find a better deal than the Case Club AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case. Case Club, as a brand, earned the reputation to trust it, and more often than not, it is not going to disappoint you. I will recommend the case to buy for better protection all around the year for your favorite rifle.

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