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Barska Quick Access Biometric AX11652 Review


The biometric rifle safe quick-access chest allows you to keep your shotguns, guns, and ammunition stored safely and quickly accessible with a scan of your fingerprint. Keep up to 4 rifles, pistols, and ammunition in a safe and an immediately available place with the simple swipe of your fingerprint. A removable rifle barrel holder with removable section will keep your rifles aligned and ready for action. For added security, the biometric gun safe barska ax11652 is manufactured with six attachment points on the back of the safe so that it can be mounted on a wall, floor or any flat surface. The three-point locking system and solid steel construction provide peace of mind that no unauthorized user will have access to your valuables.
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652, Barska, AX11652

Basic features of biometric rifle safe
• Advanced biometry: Smart biometric technology retains 120 fingerprints, protects children's guns, and prevents theft.
• Immediate home defense: For quick access to firearms in an emergency, instantly unlock the safe with a reliable 2.5-second biometric scan.
• D.O.J. approved safety - It is constructed of solid steel, with three steel bolts and protective edges, this biometric device is resistant to handling and handling; outer dimensions (inches): 9.75 x 8.63 x 52.13; inner dimensions (inches): 9.7 x 7.63 x 52
• Compact and mountable - The biometric fingerprint safe barska ax11652 fits virtually anywhere for its unparalleled comfort and stores guns and up to 4 rifles.
• Safeguard access: unlock the safe with the supplied keys and the hidden keyhole or connect the battery backup when the battery is low. Depth/thickness: 2 mm.

Instant Defense for the Home and Absolute Firearms Safety

Each year, 3.7 million invasions at home take place, and 27% of the time, a family member is at home. With the biometric insurance of the barska ax11652, access to firearms and national defense takes only 2.5 seconds. Tamper-resistant, lever-resistant, and steel-proof, our renowned Biometric Fingerprint Safe ensures safe storage of weapons away from your children and effectively discourages unauthorized access. Record your shotgun, rifles, pistols, and ammunition in a compact, easy-to-assemble location. Connect securely and peace of mind with biometric insurance of guns.

Why biometric carbine insurance?
• Increased security level for your firearms.
• Quick access to weapons in 2.5 seconds for local defense
• Keep fireproof guns for children for your peace of mind.
• The Department of Justice has approved the robust steel safety
• One-year limited warranty

Steps for installing the Safe
1. Remove the emergency keys from the accessory packaging.
2. To expose access to the emergency key, remove the logo plate screw with the supplied tool.
3. Insert the emergency key into the access key, push, and turn it.
4. Turn the handle to the right to open the safe.
5. Continue with installing batteries.

Install batteries
1. Remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert four aa batteries and replace the lid.
3. Continue with fingerprint recording.

Fingerprint registration
Important: the safe is in pre-registration mode or default mode, secure test to determine factory settings below pre-registered method: insurance cannot be opened with any digital print factory default mode: the safe can be opened with any digital print

1. Opens the safe door, press, and release the initialization button.
2. Immediately place a finger on the fingerprint reader.
- keep your finger still.
- One beep sound recognizes the fingerprint; followed by2 consecutive beeps.
- remove the finger.
- registration is complete.
Registration is successful when you hear a total of 3 beeps unsuccessful registration. 2 short beeps will be heard; repeat the registration process.
3. To record another fingerprint, repeat steps 1 and 2.
4. Continue with the fingers.

Recorded tests evidence inscribed
1. Test multiple unsaved fingerprints
- close the door of the safe, turn the handle counter-clockwise to close the chest.
- press and release the activation button.
- place an unregistered finger on the fingerprint reader.
- turn the handle clockwise; the door must not open.
- if the door is opened with an unregistered fingerprint, the disk has not succeeded; the safe is still at the factory mode.
- repeat the steps under the digital footprint register, and test multiple unsaved fingerprints
2. Test a registered fingerprint
- with the door closed, press and release the activation button.
- place a finger registered in the fingerprint reader.
- turn the handle clockwise; the door should open.
- registration was successful if it was only open with a registrant digital print.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652, Barska, AX11652

Closure / open door
Closing: close the safe door, turn the handle counter-clockwise to close the chest.
Open: press and release the activation button
- place a finger registered in the fingerprint reader.
- to open the safe, you must turn the handle to the right.

Sound options
Beep off: hold down the initialization button (20 -30 seconds) until the LEDs flash once in green
- release the initialization button.
Beep on press down the initialization button for 20 to 30 seconds until the LEDs flash in green, followed by one beep.
- release the initialization button.

Open insurance with emergency key
1. To expose access to the emergency key, delete the logo. Plate screw with the tool provided.
2. Insert the emergency key into the access key, push it in counter-clockwise, and turn the handle clockwise to open what insurance.
Always remember to keep emergency keys in a safe place, not inside what insurance.
Open insurance with external battery assembly

Use this option when the internal batteries are low.
1. Insert four aa batteries into the external battery.
2. Press and release the activation button
- place a finger registered in the fingerprint reader.
- And then turn the handle to the right to open the safe door.

Eliminate all points inside stored/restore factory default mode
1. Open the safe, remove the battery compartment cover and the four aa batteries.
2. Press the activation button repeatedly until there is no longer you hear beeps.
3. Press and hold the initialization button.
- Reinsert the batteries; in the 4th battery, you will hear one beep, followed by two consecutive beeps that indicate that he is safe in factory mode.
4. Release initialization key.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 if you do not hear three beeps in total.
6. Replace the battery compartment cover.
7. All fingerprints stored in the vault have been removed.
8. Continue with a fingerprint.
Note: the safe is in factory mode, any fingerprint can open the safe.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652, Barska, AX11652

1. When the door is closed, and three beeps are heard, and the lights flash red, indicates the batteries they are low.
2. Replace the batteries immediately
- open the safe, remove the battery compartment cover and the four aa batteries.
- you will have to insert four new aa batteries and restore the battery compartment lid.
Note: all saved fingerprints remain stored.

Care and maintenance
- to maximize the security and performance of the safe, keep fingerprint reader (d) clean; use a dry cloth to remove any spot or print of the fingerprint scanner after each use.
- Fingerprint test recorded every six months.
- Keep liquids away from the control panel. Spills in the control panel will cause damage and possibly electric shock.
- secure the safe in a suitable place to prevent it from falling causing damage or injury
- Do not disassemble the product. For any repairs, contact BARSKA customer service
- do not use chemicals or cleaning products to clean the safe.

Assembly instructions
The safe can be mounted on a wall or apartment. Be careful with the load bearing. Otherwise, staff could injury property damage. Use appropriate tools at runtime
Always work and use eye protection.

Wall mounting
Do not mount the trunk without an anchor to the wall
- Find the poles on the wall, in your preferred location. Most asparagus they are 16 inches or 24 inches apart.
- check the wall for hidden cables or pipes.
- measure the area of pre-established drill holes; mark your exact position on the wall, making sure that the bolts or something else behind will not interfere.
- drill holes of the appropriate size for the anchors you use.
- carefully press the anchor into the gaps right now.
- mount the safety box by placing screws from the inside of the safe and secure the anchors; make sure the safe is securely installed.

Mounting on the floor
- use appropriate drilling tools depending on the type of soil used fitting the safe (wood, tile, or concrete).
- measure the location of pre-established drill holes; mark your exact position on the floor.
- drill holes of the appropriate size for the anchors you use.
- carefully press the anchor into the pits right now.
- Mount the safety box by placing screws from the inside of the safe. And secure the anchors; make sure that the safe is mounted safely.
BARSKA guarantees that this new safe is free from original defects equipment manufacturing under normal conditions of use for twelve (12) months from the date the buyer receives the product. This one warranty does not include damage caused by improper installation or installation maintenance damage due to misuse, abuse, accident (such as fall), normal wear, fire, flood or acts of nature. Damage service or repairs other than those performed by barska ax11652. Labour, costs, and shipping charges for the removal and replacement of defective parts beyond the initial warranty period of twelve months. All shipping and shipping costs. Remove or alter the seal. Under no circumstances will the guarantee be automatically canceled. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable this warranty applies only to products purchased in the United States. Please send an email to [email protected] or call 1.888.666.6769 to return merchandise number before any return. The number of musts appears on the outside of the shipping box. The product must be packaged with care and robustness in its original packaging to avoid damage in transit and freight returned prepaid to:
Please include the following when returning BARSKA products

For service replacement:

1. Write your complete information (name, address, phone number, Email address, number, etc.).
2. The purchase receipt or proof of purchase. (Original copy)
3. A brief explanation of the defect.
4. A check/money order of $ 60.00 to cover the costs of inspection, shipping, and delivery, which will take around 6-8 weeks.

Designed for the safe storage of firearms

Steel protection
Solidly constructed with 100% steel walls and tamper-proof internal edges, the biometric rifle case provides lasting protection. Its three built-in steel locks create a 3-point locking system that resists prying eyes, blocks thieves and keeps your weapons away from your children.

Stealth House Défense
The biometric rifle trunk emits a warning tone when the battery is low so that you can rest easy. And for a more discreet domestic defense, activate the silent mode by holding down the red button for 10 seconds.

Backup access
Biometric energy saving technology results in low power consumption and allows 4 AA batteries to run safely up to 1 year (or 10,000 scanners). To obtain additional unlocking methods, use the supplied keys and the hidden eye of the lock or enjoy the power when you need it with the backup battery module.

Proven value
Barska is committed to providing quality products at an affordable price. To ensure the quality, our biometric fingerprint block has passed and passed rigorous laboratory tests before being approved by the Department of Justice for the storage of firearms.

Barska will examine and test the returned product and repair or replace it. Defective part (s) or units with the new part (s) or a new unit if necessary, in the warranty period. The buyer must remit $ 60.00 to BARSKA for shipping and handling return when the product returns. If a repair is required after the expiry of the warranty period, the buyer will be loaded by spare parts and return shipping. BARSKA optics cannot be held responsible for any consequences whatsoever, accidental or possible damages of any kind. We will not pay for the shipment insurance or transportation fees between you and us, or any import fees, duties, and taxes. This warranty replaces all previous ones. BARSKA optical guarantee.


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