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AmazonBasics Security Safe Box, 1 Cubic Feet Review


In the old times, people were not so much concerned about their privacy and security. As time flew, people have started to think about their safety and their valuable belongings. Previously the rate of burglary was decidedly less than these days. So it is mandatory to think about privacy. People are generally keeping their useful accessories in the cupboard with lesser security. Anyone can access to open those not so secure cupboards. In this modern age, the attackers are also coming with innovative stealing tools. So you need to such a sturdy, safe box, to withstand against any internal and external invasions. By making this issue our initial vision, here we are presenting you this Amazon Basics security safe box. Being one of the most trusted brands we have never made any compromised with the product and service quality of our products and never failed to give proper customer service with time to time.

This lockbox is not specific for any particular product. You can keep anything that seems to be valuable to you. You can keep your legal documents, jewellery, money holdings and cash etc. you do not have to be worried about your valuable possessions while you will be on vacation or not present in your home. This safe box can be used anywhere. You can keep it at your home, office or any other working place.

The build quality is top-notched. You can feel the density of the material used in this safe box once you take it in your hand. The high-quality used metals make this safe box sturdy and durable. It is entirely made up of steel, and a burst finish is given to this safe box so that it can sustain any external scratches.

Except for that sturdy build, this safe box has a digitally operated locking system. You can customize the PIN, and that can be reprogrammable. If in any case, you will forget your PIN or in any emergency case you also can access your lock by two override keys. The lockers have solid metal hinges that will prevent any hand or tool invasions.

Now coming to the interior space of this locker, you are getting a one cubic foot volume inside the box. This box also comes with a preinstalled shelf. You have access to remove that shelf, or you can adjust that according to your requirements.

This box comes with mounting hardware by which you can joint your safe box with the floor, wall or to any shelf.

Heavy-Duty Rugged & Reliable Safe Box:
This Paragon safe box will be one of your reliable and trusted daily companion for keeping your valuable possessions secured. It consists of a rugged and too durable exterior, along with its advanced and improved digital technology features that are provided to withstand all kinds of invasions and your lifetime security companion by keeping your valuables safe.

Reinforced Solid Steel Wall Construction:
Unlike some other cheap standard locker, we do not compromise with our quality and customer satisfaction. We have constructed this locker with the use of the best possible highest quality and reinforced solid steel wall, that is made to endure and resist both mechanical and handheld tool attacks from prowlers. And to ensure it will not tamper the safe open that could fend burglars from accessing your precious kinds of stuff and possessions related to sentimental and financial value.

Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes for Wall/Floor Mounting:
This locker is fit for your home, office or any working place. If you do not want to keep this transferrable, then it has an option of getting attached to any floor permanently. It is equipped with pre-drilled anchor holes for attachment with the storey and back for even more security and to permanently affix the safe if you prefer. It adds some extra protection to your sensible product that no one cant also displace this from its fixed position.

Touch Button Control Pad:
After giving this such outstanding durability, how could we fall behind when it comes to digital functionalities. We are proving you the optimal feature that anyone has ever dreamed of about any safety locker. It comes with an easy to read, and operable digital touch-button control panel that includes a low-battery warning LED light and a widely customizable password or critical code settings. This technology gives you to select your password combination and can be exceptionally favourable if you're likely to forget random password combinations provided by default.

Includes (2) Keys:
Chances are there that sometimes you will not be able to operate this locker digitally. So this home safe includes a set of 2 override mechanical keys that allows you to open the safe in case of running out of power from the four AA batteries or if for some reason you want any of your trusted ones to open this locker, and also for manually unlocking in case of any emergency.

Dual Security Steel Door:
This home safe comes with high-security standards with its solid made steel door. It has double steel locking bolts with hidden hinges which makes it safer and brings guarantees that no one will be able to open the door without the authorized password or key code.
amazonbasics security safe - 0.5-cubic feet

Stain-Resistant Coat Finish:
The safe is coated with cold-treated and powder-coated steel of the highest quality. That makes this locker corrosion and stain-resistant. It is also made with a reinforced solid steel wall to sustain all kinds of assaults that might cause damage and unlocking the safe.

From the manufacturer
AmazonBasics Security Safe - 1 Cubic Foot

Keep all your valuables carefully stored in the AmazonBasics Security Safe box. The compact size of this safe box offers one cubic foot capacity that properly accommodates a variety range of items, which includes legal documents, jewellery, passports, cash, and many more. Whether leaving for an extended vacation or heading to your work station, experience the peace in mind that comes by knowing your valuable and prestigious possessions are safe.

Interior Dimensions
It has an interior dimension of 16.81 x 12.15 x 8.94 inches (Length x Width x Height)

Exterior Dimensions
It has an exterior size of 16.93 by 14.57 by 9.06 inches (Length x Width x Height)


  • It has one cubic foot capacity for storage of belongings.
  • It has a steel construction with a scratch-proof carpeted floor.
  • It comes with reprogrammable digital access to open this and also comes with two additional override keys
  • It has an electronic locking system with two live door bolts and invasion resistant hinges.
  • It has a removable and adjustable interior shelf that will allow you to manage the internal space of the lockbox.
  • It includes mounting hardware for bolting to wall, floor or shelf.

Steel Construction with Carpeted Floor:
It is built from solid and pry-resistant steel; this security safe box offers rugged and tough reliability and long-lasting strength. In the interior part, the safe's durable and soft carpeted floor gives, and an added layer for protection to the heirlooms, jewellery or other delicate, precious items are safe against any scratches or damage.

Reprogrammable Digital Access + 2 Override Keys:
This safe box comes with an electronic locking system, and the AmazonBasics Security Safe box offers quick set-up and easy application. After installation of 4 AA batteries (, you can reprogram the safe by your own unique, customizable passcode. To open the locker, enter that passcode using the keypad present at the door of the cabinet, then turn the knob in a clockwise direction to open the safe entry of the office.

In the box two emergency override keys are also included, which allows you to open the safe box and get access to your valuables even if you forget your unique passcode or if the batteries run out of power.

The digital display is very much user-friendly and has a simplistic design. It shows three different types of symbols indicating locked, unlocked, and with low battery.

*Note: The safe box will be shipped locked. To open it for the first time, you have to use one of the two override keys that are in the box.
Adjustable Interior Shelf & Mounting Hardware:

By the adjustable shelf adjust the safe's interior space as per your requirement to organize smaller items and the more significant items accurately, or you also can remove it altogether to keep only the more meaningful things. The shelf sits on the rails are attached to the interior part. It can be easily removed by the user.

The AmazonBasics Security Safe's design also allows for easily attaching it to a floor by given bolts to a shelf or wall. Two pins are present for this purpose. Mounting the security safe gives an extra layer of alleviation, and all the necessary mounting hardware components come included in the box package.

Features & details:
This safe box comes with one cubic foot security safe space with an electronic locking system and also with two emergency override keys.
Its steel construction, which comes with a carpeted floor protects your accessories against scratches and damage. This Safe box is not fireproof and waterproof.

Its two live door bolts and pries resistant protected hinges, and adjustable/removable interior shelf gives it a versatile appearance in daily usage.
This locker has reprogrammable digital access which is operated by four AA batteries (not included in the box content)

For increased security four bolts are provided to mount it safely to the wall, shelf, or floor.

The exterior measures of this lockbox are 16.93 by 14.57 by 9.06 inches ( Length x Width x Height ), and the interior space measures are 16.81 x 12.15 x 8.94 inches ( Length x Width x Height ) and the door is approximately 2 inches thick which has higher durability.

Warranty and pricing:
Along with great features and reliability, it also able to suit your wallet easily. We are providing this locker at just 61$. At such a price, you are getting a lot for your security purpose. In the sake of your secret and essential valuables, you can easily spend this much of amount for this advanced home safe box.

We are assuring you with excellent after-sale service. We are providing a ten year of manufacturer warranty on this product. If you get any technical or mechanical issues in the product, we are always ready to help you out.

The bottom line:
Store your precious belongings and keep them protected with AmazonBasics Safe Box. It's perfect for home, office and business use to store your valuables and other essential things with financial and sentimental value. Being crafted with the reinforced solid steel wall and having dual security steel door locking bolts to ensure that this will not tamper or unlock against any severe attacks. It is also provided with a set of two backup keys if in the case of forgotten password combination or any emergencies. It's loaded with features and built to secure your valuables.

These advanced features when get tied up with such an affordable price bracket, that becomes a perfect buy for your security aspects. The other added warranty period will make you sure for further after-sale services if in case you will get any technical issue with this home safe locker.

Your business and office documents will be safe inside this safe locker with both mechanical override and digital password protection. The premium coating gives this long period of usage. In the end, we want to say that hand over us your important valuables, and we will take care of that.

amazonbasics security safe - 0.5-cubic feet

Being trusted by so many people now we are one of the leading safe locker manufacturers that you can easily trust us and adopt this locker for a better botherless tomorrow. Your safety will be in our hand and no matter what we will not disappoint you by the value of our product. As we already have said that customer satisfaction is our heretofore priority, so we are giving this product with such qualities and with such a suitable price point.
So sit back, grab this deal and stay strain free for a better productive life by keeping all your valuable kinds of stuff inside this AmazonBasics home security lockbox.

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